Sound Devices

Fragments from Several Remote Nations of the World is a rearrangement of Jonathan Swift’s novel Gulliver’s Tale, governed by the principles of file sharing. What you hear is an authentic BitTorrent transmission of an audio recording of the novel. Each voice fragment reflects a stream of bytes transmitted over the internet, carrying bits of acoustic content represented digitally. As can be heard, pieces are transmitted in non-linear order from many sources simultaneously.

The soundscape tells a contemporary traveller’s tale about the journeys of digital packets of data. At the end of the transmission, all words in the book have been spoken in partly random order, after having reached their destination from several remote places in the world.

The work was performed as part of Sound Devices n.3 (March 28, 2013). Sound Devices is a series of curated monthly events exploring the creative connection between sound and literature, taking place in historical Rathmines Library, Dublin.